My Solitude

A sun shyly hiding behind a cloud,
From a hotel room, a view over the roofs  of  São Paulo.
A warm emotion that emanates from this grayish halo,
And a glaze that rises over the buildings, beyond the crowd.

Above the blend of concrete, colors and history, a soul flies at rest
To better strech over the celestial scope.
To unveil, in the dreary firmament, the Manifest.
This Confidante confirms by her embrace,
The gentle warmth of her imprint 
And fidelity's harmonious glint
In the time of need of sweet solace.

This essence of the Self, with a tender and sensual scent
Reaches out and, waiting for my reply
Caresses me with her gaze to keep me nigh.
I Smile and breath the perfume of her chant. 

Serene, she waits, and I relish the sensitivity of her melody,
Her kind notes brush and penetrate me,
My hand reaches for the horizon of her rhapsody,
And the hope of this dance overturns and revives me.

She is here, close to me, she is in me.
I approach the window, and dive, shaken.
She embraces me and I fly, relieved and lightened.
I float in her bosom, she holds me, and I kiss her tummy.
I feel mothered and protected with this companion of ever,
And fetus again, I swim in the bliss of my epicenter.
So good!
I've found again the Self of my self in this lonely course,
I joined the one that is called My Solitude.
She gives me all, no demand, no pretense,
She gives me the serenity of Plenitude,
And calmly bringsme back to my Source.

"Solitude"faithful mate, with you, I reach the end of  the race.
And at the beginningof every new adventure, in your company, I thank God for making you so charitable and devoted to my Destiny.

São Paulo 3/12/97





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