Life is a subject quite difficult to comprehend;
It's quite a mysterious adventure to achieve;
It's a book quite complicated to understand;
It's a moment quite hard to live.

But what is life?

It's a transition between death and resurrection;
It's a continuity of instants that leads us to ascension;
It's a cycle of reincarnations that takes us to immortality;
It's constant sudden awareness of death and eternity;
Finally, it's a succession of awakening and respite;
That propels us in the very center of Light.

As the Buddhists say:

Life: It is Birth, Death and Reincarnation.
The Soul reincarnates in a body till its redemption,
And the supreme purpose is to return to the Source,
Because, at the end of its course,
The Soul returns to what it never ceases to be:
The Divine Energy in Its fecund generosity.

Life is:

The bird's song that awakes us the morning;
The rising sun that keeps on cheering;
Nature's silence that rocks us with its quietude;
The laughter of a child snuggling in the warmth of our certitude;
The support our aging mother seeks on our shoulder;
And our fervor to follow the destiny of our character.

And further

It is the Beauty we treasure;
It is a morning sky azure;
It is a night spangled with strass;
It is the vital breath the Creator gave to His canvas;
It is to quench one's thirst at the brook of seasons;
It is to hug a tree for no other reasons
Than to penetrate with the womb of Earth
To better live our Holy Mother's worth.

Also, there is the ocean's abundance;
And the four winds' confluence;
The autumn leaves and their colors much admired;
The mountains and their summits much desired.

There is much more

There are the animals, our buddies;
There is the dog resting its head on our lap;
There is the cat cuddling on us for his nap,
There is the horse galloping the prairies;

And there are all the one's I didn't mention,
And that are life's pure celebration.

Life is all that, but also

It is mother Theresa; the Dalai Lama; it is Sai BaBa;
It is all the saints, here bellow and hereafter;
It is caring for the sick, the dying and the pariah;
It is the sacrifice of the believer.

It is the faith in one's commitment;
It is the satisfaction for its accomplishment;
It is an endless scrutiny;
It is the smile of the heart facing destiny.

Life is the mere perception we have of it;
Life takes the color of the glasses we exhibit;
Let's wear rose-colored lenses,
And let's live life in a bed of Roses.

Finally, what is life?

It is just a good action
With no more question.

Life is beautiful.

Koida Kannal 4/27/98



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