Before we shared our first conversation,
I asked the Lord to bring His contribution.
He told me to express myself in your very own language,
You know, the language in which babies alone engage.
It's the murmur of the heart, the warmth of feelings,
It's the purity of the first prattlings.

You and me, we will love each other profoundly,
And we will understand each other perfectly.
We vibrate on the same wavelenght by birthright, 
Immersed in the wave of the Divine Light.

At least you understand what I say,
A baby only, one needs to be, a scholar nay.

"Forgive them; for they know not what..."
 Jesus of Nazareth said that.
"Who is Jesus, Pappy?"
Little one, there is a time for everything,
The answer will come to you shortly
Certainly in the Springs you have coming.

They call me your grandfather; such ignorance!
They don't understand the notion of age, its insignificance.
There is no age, there is only our birth permanence,
We live in the eternity of our Soul, of our Quintessence,
In fact we are all babies in the virgin state,
And like you, one can say that me too, I just came out of the cabbage fate.

I am your brother, and that's why you are already smiling at me.
"Him, I know, I understand well; my favorite, he shall be.
It's Papito Silvio!
How much fun we'll have, oh, ho, ho!
Thanks. I feel your love, and believe me, we have a lot to share,
Baba tells me "Enough to dazzle each other".

Today, he blesses you, and through me, gives you this first image,
A present for you, reflection of the Love of this great Sage. 
One day, you shall ask who is BABA?
No, he is not what you think; a danseur of rumba or samba.
His orange robe, his Afro hairdo give him a troubador look for sure,
For now, know he is a Man of eternal youth, filled with Love, and pure.

His Love is very special, it is contagious.
 It is the Light that makes you conscious.
You are our Lord glowing incarnation.
The reflection of all that forever is Perfection.

I hold you tight on my heart, at this moment, it is very warm, and immense;
4AM in LA, the city of Angels shimmers with thousands of drops of silence;
Each brings us closer from the infinite Luminescence
For an instant of pure coexistence.


Los Angeles 9/29/98 



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